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About Christophe

Christophe Genty Napa Wedding Photography -  Christophe Genty is known as a one of the top wedding photographers throughout Napa Valley, Sonoma, the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as other locations throughout the United States and abroad.

Born and trained in Paris, France, Christophe was still a student when he had his first photography exhibit in 1991. After his studies in optics, he dedicated himself to photography. His work as a laboratory photographer in the prestigious Albert Kahn Museum provided him with invaluable experience in photo composition and enhancement. This extraordinary experience created opportunities for him as a free-lance artist and allowed him to craft and master his unique style. Over the years, he has developed a diverse and highly acclaimed portfolio in wedding photography, portraits, commercial photography, and photojournalism.

Finding inspiration from his love of theater and music, Christophe captures our imagination with images that flow between reality and fantasy. Always sensitive to the rhythm and harmony of his subjects, his artistic passion is further expressed through an ability to capture and communicate sentiments that language alone cannot.

Today Christophe enjoys an exciting career including a very successful wedding photography business and a large portrait photography clientele. He resides in Napa, California with his wife Nancy and their son Raphael.

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